I just sent this to Belkin. I'm wondering if anyone here has any
experience with this Belkin product.

I have been having problems with Belkin routers for the last two years
ever since I bought my first one, a combination router/print server.
That one "lost" it's wireless ability and Belkin replaced it with an
F5D7231-4. This one worked better wirelessly but it would drop it's
connection often, requireing constant reboots of the router.

I rewired my home after consulting with Comcast, my ISP, in order to
narrow in on the problem. I also purchased a new cable modem, but the
frequent disconnects kept happening. This became more of a problem when
I wanted to use a VoIP phone system. Belkin then sent me an F5D9230-4 as
a replacement. I have about 15 days left before I have to return one or
the other of these routers before Belkin charges my credit card.

I have several issues with the F5D9230-4 router that need to be resolved
first. I have been trying for three days to get some tech support via
phone but the best your contractor in India can do is to tell me that a
level 3 tech will call me back. I'm sorry, I can't stand by the phone
for however long it takes for this call to come. So here are my issues:

1) I cannot set the Qos or ACK options using the web interface. The
reason is that they don't show on the menu, and the reason for that is
evident in the code snippet I've taken from the source of the
wireless_chan.htm file in the router firmware.

('glossary.htm#protected_mode','help','toolbar=0,s tatus=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=1,resizable=1,width=5 30,height=400,left=150,top=150');"

You will notice that the two sections re: Qos and ACK are commented out
in the code. What's that about?

2) Next is a question about the user.conf file: If I can't select Qos
options in the web utility can I save off the user.conf file, edit it in
a text editor to give the QoS option a value of "1" and reload it into
the router? Will this work? Does the router have to be at it's factory
IP address in order for the user.conf file to be read successfully?

3) If the above doesn't work, is there a way to telnet into the router
to change settings? Again, does the IP address have to be at the factory
setting for this to happen?

4) Why doesn't the internal clock reflect the new Daylight Savings Time?

5) I hate that this router has to reboot each time you change a setting
on the web interface. Usually it will cause me to lose my network
connections and I have to reboot my modem and my VoIP box as well. Why
is this so?

Geoff Sullivan