Hallo everybody,

I'm having troubles configuring a 3com 3031 ADSL Router.
Since there isn't GUI for configuring this router I used the Hyperterminal
to set the parameters for LAN (3 PC with static IP all working togheter
without problems) and WAN.
Here problems started. Indeed I have the static IP and mask configured, I
created a PVC (with the right VCI/VPI). Then I tried to ping some well known
IP outside (by now I didn't considered DNS). No way, neither the ATM
interface was pingable from the outside (always "destination unreachable").
I tried also all the 4 standard for this interface (auto, glite, gdmt and
I verified the ADSL working properly with the old Zyxel router but
everithing works fine!
I'm not so skilled configuring this kind of routers using CLI, so if some
good guy wants to help me is welcome!