Actually the question isn't so much about the router as about the
antenna connection to the N1 desktop card. It looks like there are
three little coaxial connectors in one little pod, but the problem is
that they don't fit tightly over the posts. It's almost like the
antenna side is a larger size, so the connector just sort of rests on
the three little posts, rather than fitting snugly. Is this the way
it's supposed to be, or was this some sort of manufacturing flaw? Is
there a way to manually tighten the connection? The connection is
balanced so precariously that it frequently just falls off, partially or
completely, and I'm tempted to glue it. Also, it doesn't look like it
matter which outside connection goes where. I mean you can rotate the
pod 180 degrees and it seems to make no difference. Is there a right
and wrong orientation?

But particularly the looseness is odd, right? Am I missing something?