VoIP is here - has been for a while - and millions of people daily
use popular software like Skype which based on it. Still it remains a
mystery for the average Joe and Logitech is determined to do something
about that.

The peripherals specialist has thrown its weight behind the technology
with a raft of new devices all designed to makes VoIP operation easier
and foremost among them is 'Logitech Cordless Internet Handset'.

The Skype orientated device looks rather like an elongated Nokia and
its colour LCD displays all Skype contacts, offers access to Skype
voicemail and enables users to check incoming and outgoing call logs.
Making a phone call is as simple as scrolling to a contact, selecting
it and clicking the call button.

There's also a hands free speaker phone, illuminated keypad and
variety of ring tones while the handset itself is charged via a cradle
and connects to the PC and Internet through the included USB Base
station. You can start nattering with it in October if you meet the
69.99 RRP.Have a look at it on www.knowingabout.com/voip

Also looking rather interesting is the 'QuickCall USB Speakerphone
for Internet Calling' though I do wish Logitech would take the time
to actually name its products rather than simply describe them. The
QCUSBSPFIC, as I shouldn't have abbreviated it to, is a premium
speakerphone that uses a two way microphone display (one on each
'wing' of the device) to capture voices and sounds over a wide
area. It is designed to be a conference meeting's best friend though
I'll take a hammer to it if it picks up the things I tend to whisper
under my breath in most meetings.

It features touch controls to pick up, end and mute calls and alert
lights to indicate when a VoIP call is connected. A central illuminated
volume knob looks really nice but a webcam would've been even cooler.
Still it keeps the price down and means I can continue to attend
virtual meetings in my underwear, which is always a pleasure.

The QCUSBSPFIC is out in October in the US but is clearly on the slow
boat to Europe since it doesn't debut here until December. Price is a
reasonable 69.

Moving on we come to the 'EasyCall Desktop' a bundle of mouse,
keyboard, headset and speakerphone for the uninitiated. The latter part
acts as the control centre for the whole thing with volume up and down,
mute, call pickup and disconnect buttons while the keyboard has been
customised for use in Internet calling apps since also provides a range
of similar controls as well as one touch dialling and the ability to
change your online status.

89.99 for this one and you can pocket it (if you have very large
pockets) from mid September.

Last on the VoIP list we have the 'Cordless Headset for PC and Mobile
Phones' (yes, the branding - or lack of it - gets irritating
after a while). Not much to say here other than 1. It's Cordless and
2. It's a headset. Because it's Bluetooth it'll also work with
your mobile and has some (more) wonderfully literal technology called
WindStop which... yep, reduces wind noise.

69.99 is the going rate and it'll appear in the month which means
eight but is actually tenth because of some egomaniacal Roman Emperors.

For Further Information : www.knowingabout.com/wifi