Nokia congratulates Sprint Nextel on its decision to deploy WiMAX
networks in the 2.5 GHz spectrum band. The introduction of standardized
Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 802.16e-2005) networks in the United States will
deliver robust broadband wireless applications and services to
consumers for personal and professional use.

"Nokia believes Sprint Nextel's selection of WiMAX will be a
catalyst for the continued growth and implementation of broadband
technologies." said Tero Ojanpera, Executive Vice President and Chief
Technology Officer, Nokia. "Broadband wireless creates new
opportunities for the consumer and enterprise markets and we are
pleased to see the momentum is starting to build."

Nokia is experienced to provide an end-to-end WiMAX solution, from
infrastructure, to services and applications, to end-user devices.

WiMAX is part of Nokia's radio access technology portfolio and a
major technology for the company's broadband wireless access group.
In the past year, Nokia has announced it is collaborating with Intel in
several areas in support of mobile WiMAX, including mobile clients,
network infrastructure, and market development. Additionally, Nokia
completed an error free data call at its research and development
facility in Germany in October 2005. Nokia's WiMAX infrastructure
solution will be available in accordance with the WiMAX Forum
certification timing.

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