In the past I have set up my router to port forward to a computer and
used VCN.

I looking at using VPN, but there are many things I dont understand.

The reason I want to use VPN is so I can connect to ANY computer on my
little home network from work, as long as they are running vcn. I can
put in the ip address 192.... etc and connect up as long as they are
running VCN.

Here are my questions which I hope dont show too much of my ignorance
of vpn.

1. With vpn can I connect to any computer on the network ? Right now I
can only connect to 1 computer as the router can only forward one port
eg 5900 (as memory serves me) to one ip. Right now I have to log onto
the the computer that has vcn forwarded to and then vcn from there to
another compuer in the network. Or am I stuck with the same problem I
have to vpn into one computer and if it is not on then I can't connect
to another that is on. Can it automatically find any computer on the

2. I have looked at several web sites faqs etc but they dont clearly
tell me how to set up my router to use vpn. I have a wgt624.

3. With vpn can I drag and drop files. I have used vpn a very little in
a company once. They had vcn running on the computers. So when I
conneced up with vpn I could then vcn or putty into computers. But I
could not see the vpn network in the network places (I dont think, I
didnt look hard). Do you just go to network places and it should be
there. It was a separate domain.

Thanks for any answers you can help me out with.