Hi folks,

Sorry this is a such a long message, but I'm trying to provide as much
detail as possible.

I recently switched from a Linksys BEFSR41 to a D-Link DI-524 router (for
the wireless features) and after making sure LAN and WLAN access to the
Internet worked fine, I soon discovered my web server would not respond from
the WAN side of the router. Note that I'm using the wired LAN ports and I
don't have to worry about a sketchy wireless connection or radio
interference. I've lost count of the number of times I've been over every
single setting in the router, Windows 2000, and in IIS. I've set everything
up correctly on the router, as far as I can tell (PPPoE, DHCP, wireless AP,
and static IP address all work fine). The web server isn't the problem
because it works locally, it works across the LAN, and also starts working
remotely when I switch back to the Linksys router. I never changed anything
on the computer when switching routers. I have also tried setting up the
web server on a separate computer, and the same problems occur. I've
rebooted the router after changing settings, even though it doesn't appear
to be necessary. I've shutdown the software firewall on my computer as
well. Putting the web server in the DMZ doesn't help. There are no special
applications enabled, no parental controls, no filters defined, and no
firewall rules except those automatically defined by the router.

I test the web server by typing my public IP address into Internet Explorer.
I also have a domain name from DynDNS, but I avoid any potential problems
with that by using my public IP address directly. Typically IE times out
waiting for a response, BUT, occasisonally I get "Web site found, waiting
for reply..." Sometimes I'll get the page title in the title bar, and a
couple of times the first bit of the page will load, without images, of
course. I have also done a port scan via Shields UP! at http://grc.com/ and
it says port 80 is open, as expected. It seems that the router is
forwarding the port, but is having major issues with any traffic on it.

I've searched the Internet for a few days now trying to find the problem and
all I could determine was that some other people have had port forwarding
problems, and they were either fixed or not fixed by upgrading the firmware.
And yes, I did that. The router is a DI-524 Rev. E3 that came with firmware
version 5.00, and now I have version 5.10. The problem still exists.

Anyway, I'm beginning to believe there is no solution to this problem, but
as a last-ditch effort, I'm posting here to see if anyone has any advice on
this. Maybe someone has come across some weird setting on the router that's
causing this (e.g. something stupid like "add port 80 to the virtual server
list three times and enable SPI mode and it will magically work").

Thanks for help you can offer,

- Doug