I've recently had my broadband connection upgraded to ADSLMax ( up to
8mbps). I run 3 PCs off a Netgear DG834G wireless router/modem. Two are
running on Windows XP and 1 runs on WinME. If I run one or both XP machines
there is no problem getting a synch speed of over 3.5 mbps but if I boot up
the WinME machine it immediately forces a disconnection of the router which
then always resynchs at a speed just below 1 mbps. It seems like the WinME
PC is throttling the speed of the connection. I've tried various RWIN MTU
tweaks to no avail.
Does WinME have a 1 mbps speed limit? Has anyone achieved higher speeds on
WinME? Is there a setting in WinME which I have overlooked which could
cause this?