I know this subject has ben hashed over several times but I still am
not sure what to do.
I have a WIRED Belkin 4 port Model F5D5230-4 and a WIRED D-Link DI-604
that I want to hook together to create more ports so I can have more
than four PC's running using only one Cable modem. This way I don't
have to go thru the expense of being charged for another modem in my
house from my ISP.
Is ther a simplified way of explaining how to do this SPECIFICALLY for
these two models of routers?
I'm not sure if I can turn off DHCP on the Belkin. Can't find it in the
set-up guide.I understand that I have to set one router up as a Gateway
or access point?
I'm good with comps but this is all new to me.
Anybody willing to help a WIRED dual router set-up noob, I would
greatly appreciate it!!!
Take care and stay web safe :-]