Need help from someone smarter than me! I have a Westell 6100 modem
currently running in bridged mode
and connected to a D-Link "DI-634M" router which is directly connected to my
main computer via RJ-45.
I also have VIOP through "Packet 8" via a model "DTA-310" adapter which is
also RJ-45 connected to my "D-Link" router. This allows me to use both the
internet and phone through the internet (a whole lot cheaper way to
communicate via phones!) .

My problem is that anything that disturbs my home network also distrubs my
phone service which in the past has caused me to be without a phone for two
months while everyone kept saying that the problem was the other guys
equipment, in short I was getting the really big run around trying get to the
bottom of the problem which by the way started when my original Westell 2100
modem went bad. But everyone I called blaimed it on somebody else's equipment.

Anyway what I want to do is break my VIOP away from my normal home network
and have it run through it's own router thus isolating the VIOP from any
problems created on or by my home network and reduceing internet / network
slow down because of multitasking. I want to put my VIOP on its one Router
and keep my home network on its one router. In short if my home network
goes down I don't want it taking my phone service with it.

The "DI-634M" router would most likely be best suited for the VIOP because of
it's streaming capabilities and the use my other router "DI-624" for my home

My dilema is 1st I'm basically stupid when it comes to networking and 2nd my
internet connection must also be connected to my main computer because of
logging in password's and such.

On top of all this I have a computer that I'm trying run that is in my garage
which is over 100 ft away via wirless connection while attempting to use an
Access point also "D-Link" and then boosting the connection signal through a
"D-Link" signal booster which is connected to my router (home network ) via a
network switch using RJ-45.

I've come a long way but I'm not there yet and I have spent a S___t load of
money, if my wife only knew how much! I would'nt be sitting here typing this
email I ashure you.

Can anyone help?