I have a similar problem. I have a 4 port Hub setup that I need to replace
with a D-Link 614+ (not state of the art but the price was right)

I have 2 workgroups, only one of which is working. When I set up "MSHome"
initially my floppy drive was feeling unwell so I was unable to create a
network disk. After I replaced the drive I was able to create "Home," I
could not use "MSHome" since it already existed.

When I plugged up the D-Link I encountered an IP conflict between the
default IP of the current network and the default IP of the router. Using a
laptop I changed the router IP from to, this enabled
me to access the D-Link setup menu.

I would prefer to run the D-link on it's factory default address so that I
would have the option of resetting it if I encountered problems in the
future. How can I "blow away" my original network and workgroups and start
over with the wireless router? I see that there is a "Disable this network
device" option in Network Connections but does this just place the
workgroups in limbo without deleting them? I have searched for answers in
Help & Support but have found nothing that specifically addresses my

I am running Win XP SP2.