I got 'Connect on Demand' problem with a Linksys WRT54GS router, it
will not re-establish the connection after Idle timeout or if the ISP
disconnect. I am using PPPoE as 'Internet Connection Type'. The
firmware is v4.70.6 (latest version I think).

If I setup the router to use 'Connect on Demand' and set the 'Max Idle
Time' to like 5 minutes, it will then disconnect after 5 minutes, but
next time I try to access the Internet it will not re-establish the
connection and it is the same if the ISP disconnect my connection, no
re-establish of Internet connection. To get connected I have either to
connect manually or turn off and on the router, soo first time the
'Connect on Demand' is working.

Now I am using 'Keep Alive' setting, but my Internet service is a
night service from 6PM to 10AM so it is connect all then time, but at
10AM the ISP will disconnect the connection. To get connected again at
6PM I have to turn off and on the router or manually connect from the
routers Status page. It would be very nice if the 'Connect on Demand'
facility was working.

I have tried to contact Linksys support to get it solved without any