A bit surprised to find no posts at all concerning this router. Probably
because no one has issues with it. Anyway, just a short note to let
everyone know I am very pleased with mine. The configuration interface
is really excellent and for most functions well presented and
understandable even for someone who buys their first router.

The WLAN part works great, the antenna is detachable and with a little
6dBi antenna I have excellent coverage on both floors of my house and
outside too.

The gigabit part allows transfers on my network up to 30 MB/s sustained
between my file server and the main computer I use every day. My main
computer uses the built-in gigabit ethernet adapter (nforce 4 chipset),
and the file server is a lowly PIII with an ATA100 HDD with an intel pro
1000 gigabit ethernet adapter. I guess the transfer rates are close to
the sustained read/write speed of the slower hard drive now.

Anyway the connection is excellent even from a palm wifi device, laptop
with a D-link 108 MBps WLAN adapter, I am not disappointed at all ! I
don't use it much for gaming purposes so the "gamefuel" thing is
disabled, gamers will tell you more about this feature.