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> > Evening all,
> > My sister in law has small home network 3 computers. She recently had
> > some
> > connection problems with her network and decided instead of calling me
> > she
> > hit the resent switch on the router. This caused more problems.
> > My main issue now is I am trying to upgrade the firmware on her
> > linksys
> > router and half way thru the upgrade it fails. I have tried many
> > different
> > ways to update the firmware and was wondering if anyone had any
> > suggestions.
> >
> > mgmguy1

> There are only two ways to update the firmware: use the on-board flash
> program on the Help tab, or use the flash program supplied with the
> update. Are you sure that the update applies to the router? Otherwise,
> try resetting the router by removing the power adapter, pressing the
> reset button while attaching the power adapter, and continue holding the
> reset for five or so seconds after powering.
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> The only way I was able to upgrade the firmware on this model was to use Win98. WinXP Home 2nd would NOT work

Just my experience.