Running Thoth 1.7.2 (Mac newsreader) out of Jaguar AND Panther (two
Macs via Router).

Ever so often Thoth just keeps crashing (ISP Adelphia). The
solution that works is to by-pass the router (tried two different
routers- Linksys and Netgear) and hook up one Mac at a time directly to
the cable modem.

But the more interesting question is what goes wrong?

Thoth can run off the router for 48 hours or more without problems
and then crash, crash, crash. Once, one Mac running Thoth crashed and
30 sec. latter the second Mac running Thoth crashed, different Macs,
different OS.... Other times one Mac would crash and the other would
keep running Thoth.

Any ideas that a novice can understand.

Tanks merrimack