Apologies in advance if this isn't the right group, but it's as close as I
could find.

I have two Linksys RV082s. One is in one office with a dynamically assigned
IP via a cable modem. The other is in a second office and has a fixed IP
assigned by that office's ISP. The routers work just fine.


On the setup page, I can enter all the appropriate information, WAN IP,
gateway, net mask, DNS, and so on. I can do this for both WAN links and the
information sticks. However, on the System Summary page (status) I see all
the information *except* the WAN IP1 and 2 addresses. They just read
Both units do this, either set on dual WAN or DMZ. They still do it set on
fixed or dynamic IP. Thinking I had something odd going on with the box, I
reset one of them back to factory default - twice. I even flashed to a
different copy of the same firmware. (it already had the latest)
Normally, it isn't a big issue. Both boxes work like champs. But, with the
one that has a dynamic addy, I have no idea what my public IP is. I'd have
to visit a site like http://www.dslreports.com/whois to see my own stinkin'
address. It shouldn't be this way. I've contacted Linksys support twice.
As soon as the first tech realized his canned answers weren't working, we
mysteriously got disconnected. I contacted them again. This time, a
different tech was more helpful, and suggested I spoof the MAC of the
computer I was connecting with. (um, why?) I did that, and it didn't make
the WAN IP show up. A that point the tech essentially said, it's broken,
send it back.
Reading the description on the system summary page, it says "It shows the
current WAN1 IP address of the Router, as seen by external users on the
internet and hyperlinks to the WAN connection type in the Setup page." The
setup page looks just fine. So, I'm thinking that somehow, the hyperlink in
*both* units is broken, or the display to the outside world is stealthed.
(though for the life of me, I can't find any stealth settings) A traceroute
from my house back to the place this box is works, so it's not really
Now the odds that both are broken the same way are vanishingly small odds.
It simply must be something I'm doing.
Anyone seen this or something like it?