Hi group,

I have got the wireless router EDIMAX 2104 WG which was sold to me in
following version:
rev A
Boot code 1.0
Runtime 2.54

With this device I have spent many useless working hours trying to set
up the "station infrastructure mode".
Whatever settings I used for the wireless mode ( especially station
infrastructure mode ) that device always used the "access point mode" and
refused to work in any bridge or station mode.
I decided to update the firmware to the actual version 2.63. After the
update, I iscovered that the complete bridging functionalities were not
included anymore in that new version.

That read-only looks like if Edimax has got that much trouble with this
feature that they decided to abandon completely this functionality,
expecting the customers won't complain.

Am actually rather angry, having got a useless device, which cannot fulfill
the purpose for which I bought it.

After some mails with the european headquarters i got this answer:

"We have never announced that this router supports wireless client mode or
wireless bridge mode. You cannot find in the datasheet, manual or packing
This means it cannot be your intention to use this wireless router in
station mode, when you bought this wireless router.

Indeed we have removed these 2 options in a very early stadium.. The device
has not been designed to support these 2 options."

I assume i have got your answer from the hotline upon an advice from their
your legal department.
I was angry about that device, now i am about your company.
If they point out "We have never announced that this router supports
wireless client mode or wireless bridge mode", they assume that I am too
stupid to use google.

I don't want tu sue them, i have better things to do, but be aware...

Who could recommend a good *unexpensive* allrounder router with:

Built-in DSL modem
Router with 4 ports
Capability of working as an access point client

I'd appreciate your recommendations.