I have a desktop XP PC connected to DSL via a Draytek Vigor 2500 combination
router/modem. I am trying to add a Toshiba laptop XP machine by installing
a wireless Linksys WAP54G access point to one of the wired ports of the
Draytek. After setting configuration on the WAP54G, it continuously
generates random SSID's such as linksys_SES_31745. The five digit number is
always different. I see these on the laptop after I try to connect to the
network. I try disabling security by setting the WAP54G to disable and
enter my choice for an SSID. When I look at the device again (by checking
it's IP address), it has gone back to a Sys_SES_xxxxx type SSID and
security has been re-enabled, usually to WAK. This happens repeatedly even
though I save the changes. I've never setup a wireless network, but my
technician son tried it and gave up. I have also talked with Linksys via
their chat and they were no help. Any pointers?