A friend and I share a cable connection using a Dynex DX-E401 broadband
router. For some reason, our router keeps dropping our internet
connections a dozen or so times per day, and we're getting rather
frustrated. We've tried adjusting our port forwarding and port
triggering rules to handle those ports we use most frequently (i.e.
Delta Force games, Bit Comet, Winmx, that sort of thing), but we've
seen little or no change. We contacted our cable provider, and they
claim there's a connection problem between the modem and router, but
they couldn't offer any suggestions, and we've gone threw the router's
other options regularly. I also tinkered with the router's log
settings, and within a minute, I had nearly 400 messages about dropped
packets from the wan port, and most of the packets were listed as udp
packets that were dropped. Can somebody give me suggestions on how to
correct these problems? Thanks much.