Hello all,

I had an old fashioned Speedtouch Pro (tweaked Home version) modem. One
of the connected PC's (through a switch) is making a VPN connection
IPSEC L2TP (I think it is L2TP) with my work. To make this working I did
the following mappings in my modem:

nat create protocol=50 inside_addr= outside_addr=0
nat create protocol=udp inside_addr= inside_port=500
outside_addr=0 outside_port=500

As you can see is the IP address of the pc that is making the
VPN connection. That IP is fixed for the MAC address.
Because of protocol 50 and port 500 I think it is a L2TP VPN connection.

I changed my modem to Alcatel 546 (because of ADSL2+). When I make these
same mappings VPN does not work anymore. I can't figure out why. Does
somebody know why? What I saw from network traffic (ethereal) I don't
see a response on port 500 from the VN server....

The next hardware change is a Asus WL-500g DELUXE wireless Access Point
+router that I connect to my modem. The laptop will connect to the
Access Point. Does somebodyknow IF I have to set something in the Access
Point (+router) and -if yes- how I should do this.

From the documentation I was not able to sort this out.

I'm thinking of simplyfing the problem by setting the modem into bridged
mode, but I would like to see your responses first.

I'm pretty despeate, so please, if you can help that would be great.

PS. I'm from The Netherlands, so forgive my poor english