I am having problems attatching a hub or switch to this router. I ran a
speedtest just before connecting a Linksys EZXS55W v.3. The speed was
around 3850 kbps. After connecting the device another test reported a
speed of around 150 kbps. I then disconected it, and completely reset
the router and modem, the speed would not go above 800kbps. I then
connected A D-Link DSS-5+ v.H1 the speed dropped back down to about 400
kbps! What is going on, now both devices are disconnected and I can not
get speed above 500 kbps. This happens everytime I try to connect
either, so I don't think its my ISP (charter pipeline). I originally
connected the devices to I can connect my laptop via cat 5 since the
router is only wireless b for constant file transfers between devices
on the network. Network consists of Two PCs running XP Home, both
wired, One pc running 98se wired, one running 98se wireless on a crappy
d-link dwl520 v.e1, a laptop running xp home wireless, and a HP printer
with a 610n print server wired