What software, or troubleshooting techniques could I use to troubleshoot a
speed issue? I have about 50 users. We have a web based software solution
where the web site is hosted by an ISP off-site. I also have a test site
set up at the home office.

The test site basically emulates the live site with the same data for the
time being. Users on the live site are complaining of slow performance. We
have a fractional T-1 768K for 50 users out to the internet where the users
access this web site.

The software developer notices a significant delay in how the web site works
from the live site and the test site, even off hours when there is NO
activity from our users. The test site being much faster.

What I'm trying to figure out is where the problem might be. I understand
that it could be a ton of things. But it doesn't make sense that during off
hours when no one is using the system that the test site is faster.

The ASP has a much faster connection to the internet I believe it is 100MB
to our 768K. Of course everyone is playing the blame game it isn't us it is

I'm wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to figure out
where my problem might be or things I could try.