i live near a coffee shop that has a number
of (mostly) win2k machines for the cutomers to use.

i get all the free coffee i want for keeping the system

they also have a Linksys WRT54g v2.2 wireless router
for the customers who have their own laptops.

recently the main computer had a harddrive die
which i replaced ( i had a spare drive pre-loaded from one of the other
machines that i put linux on)

anyway...ever since i replaced the drive...
even though all the machines on their LAN work...
apparantly none of the customers who bring in their laptops
have a connection any more...

the first thing i thought of was that maybe the main machine
had some software needed to setup the wireless router...
but going to the Linksys site...it looks like none was needed.

it looks like the router should function independently from any of the

is there something i need to do to setup the router?

unfortunately i do not even own a laptop...so cannot even test the thing

is there anyway i could even test the router without
a laptop?

Even though i'm pretty good at trouble-shooting...
i've got zero experience with wireless routers