Hi All,

My router disconnects every now and then. I am using SMC 2804 WBR with the
latest firmware (V20) I think. The internet is configured via static IP and
directly connects to the internet. By that, I mean I don't have a modem. So
my router is bombarded with tons of arp and other broadcasts. At some
point, I don't know when exactly, it disconnects my client. I have to power
cycle the router in order to get connectivity back. I don't use the
wireless functionality at the moment.

This is what I observed:

1) The behavior is same with and without the firewall.
2) When I enable uPNP, the client is able to get the connectivity back, ie
when the router broadcasts uPNP related packets.

So what I am wondering is how to exactly find out what packets make my
router disconnect the client? How do I access packets in the DMZ if I need
to say file bug report to the manufacturer?

I like this uPNP thingy but the problem is I don't have control over the
frequency of this uPNP packets. So there are some times when I don't have
internet access. Is there a daemon available that can run from my machine
(linux) and that injects the uPNP packets to the router with some frequency
I can control? I tried linux-IGD but it seems to not compile on my machine.

Many thanks,

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