I *had* a Remote desktop working, accessing home PC from work PC about 6
months ago, used twice or so

Change: replaced the router at home - new FWAG114 Prosafe netgear wireless
using A band (if it matters)
Change: installed ZoneAlarm at work

Port Forwarding set up

SERVICE. I have a TCP/UDP service set up to port to 3389 (also tried just
TCP service, also tried different port number)
RULE. I have an inbound rule set up to port this service to my LAN
192.168.0.X allowing any WAN access anytime
I have the same service and rule set up for outbound - just in case?

seems like this is all I did last time with the old router and it worked.

I have tried just about every possible combination ip address port id
password you can think of.

I did google search and found a site that said this router *has* to be set
up with a static IP first before configuring port forwarding. My IP is
dynamic, but shouldn't this work still, understanding that when the IP does
change I will have to go in and rearrange my Remote Desktop a little.

I also understand that my internal IP's change from time to time, but at the
instant I attempt to remote desktop the IP is correct, they don't change
that often and I check daily. I work 2 minutes from my home.

Do I have to set up a specific allowed WAN IP (work PC IP)?

I am attempting to remote access the IP address that I receive when I do a
Whatsmyip search from the home pc, do I need to remote desktop into a
different address?

one time I was able to get into my router from work, but that doesn't work
now either, seems like I did this through explorer browser, not the remote
desktop client. I got in by accident trying to get on to my PC.

any ideas.

Thank you,

David A