I have a routing problem,

I have 2 subnets + 1 Wireless
1) Netgear FVS124G router ( with DHCP server for the
2) USR8200 router ( with DHCP server for the subnet
the USR8200 has also the address attributed by the
Netgear router
3) the wireless subnet uses the Netgear FVS124G DHCP server

see figure below

-dsl modem- --Netgear FVS124G- 4 ports router--
| |
PC1 WG302-AP USR8200 - 4
ports router-----
| |
PC3 printer
PC2 with wireless

Netgear address =
USR8200 address = on the first subnet on the 2nd subnet
WG302-AP address =
PC1 address =
PC2 address =
PC3 address =
printer address =

PC3 can address the printer without problem

PC1, running WinXP SP2 can address the printer only the 1st minute
following the start-up,
its routing table shows the following route : (which is great!)
after a minute, this route disappears from its routing table !!!

PC2 cannot ping or see the printer

Of course I can add a static route on each PC, " -"
but this is not satisfactory.

I have tried 2 solutions :
Activating RIP on both routers
Adding a static route on the Netgear ( -
both solutions allow the Netgear to address the printer, but PC2 still
cannot address the printer and PC1 can see the printer for one minute

Any idea?

Thanks for your help