I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router. I have a laptop running
Windows 2000 and use a Microsoft MN-720 802.11g wireless network
adapter. I use 128-bit WEP encryption. When I connect directly to the
internet everything works fine. However, when I use my company's VPN
software to connect to my company internally I have intermittent Web
access problems. Everything else works fine: Microsoft Exchange email,
connection to network drives, instant messaging, Microsoft Netmeeting,

With Web access, sometimes everything works fine. Sometimes I can
connect to my company's intranet, but not to the internet. Sometimes
the opposite is true. Sometimes when I first start a VPN session,
everything is fine, but after a while I lose either the internet or
intranet. Often closing and restarting my VPN session will restore
access. I can find no rhyme or reason to access or lack thereof.

What is strange is that yesterday, out of extreme frustration, I
disconnected the wireless, grabbed an Ethernet cable and plugged my
laptop directly into the router. After that I had no problems at all
with either intranet or internet connections.

Is there a wireless setting on the router I should change?

Mike Christie
mike [at] csquared [dot] com