What's the expected range on a pair of Belkin 54G routers in wireless bridge

I've seen someone mention on at least one web tech support forum that they
were having troubles staying connected 100% of the time, but they then went
on to say that they were trying to bridge 400 feet, from one building to
another building. Can I expect similar results?

What frequencies are used in Belkin's bridge-to-bridge mode? I assume it
may not be standard because Belkin's bridge mode only works with other
Belkin WAP's.

Also can I replace one of the stock omni-directional antennas with a
cantenna to use along the bridge line of sight? If the bridge mode
frequency is different than standard 802.11b's 2.412 GHz or so, I'll need to
know that to calculate my can radius and quarter-wavelength distance, yada
yada yada...

bill evans
Hartselle, AL

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