Sorry for crossing threads, but I was unsure which group I would gather
a reply from first.

I need some serious help....

We are a medium size non-profit company that connects to 8 other
satellite sites using Cisco 1700 routers via Frame Relay...We are
complete newbies to Cisco routers, but not unfamiliar with the
configuration of routers- as our old 3-Com routers were very unreliable.

We run a Novell 4.x-5.x Network IP/IPX....Roughly 650 users...What we
are trying to accomplish is redundancy with our Internet Connection
because we deal with a lot of state agencies on line, also, all of our
billing has been converted to Internet based software-In a nutshell, a
loss of Internet will mean no one gets paid if we lose out connection on
certain days of the week...What we have done thus far:

-Read up on our 1700 series router, to no avail.
-We have installed a secondary ADSL or Cable Connection at each of our
sites in which to facilitate each sites connectionwe want to
automatically fail over in the event our primary connection fails...

What we are doing right now:
Have both connections coming into the site, from there we have both
connections running into a Win Proxy server(3 NIC's), 1 NIC is
configured to point to the Cisco another pointed to the Linksys, DHCP is
enabled on the Win Proxy...Winproxy server going directly into a hub to
the LAN....When we have a failure in the IC, we manually switch over to
the Linksys setup via the Winproxy(DHCP)...I realize this is convolluted
and I know there has to be 5 less steps, but as I said earlier...None of
us are familiar enough with Cisco routers to make the needed
changes....Also I realize it would be a lot easier if IP wasn't
involved, but we need it as it allows for remote administration via VNC
on outside site.

I appreciate anything yo can throw my way, I realize this is a lot to
ask in a newsgroup, but I figured someone has to be bored enough to
answer this.

Thanks in Advance and I am open to questions.