Hi All
I have big problem

I need connect routers: intel 8100 and vanguard 320/340 via fr via v35. I
need forward pvc to internet from motorola to intel 8100.
On the motorola i set:

dimm: dce
port: fri, clock internal, speed 64k, lmi: or annex_a or annex_d or auto
station: bypass, pvc, dlci 16

on the intel 8100
port: fr lmi or autodetect
wan link: port2, auto configure disable dlci 16

rest of setting are default

result: on the motorola port fri is still up and down, up and down for 4-5
s and log me that: lmi/annex_a/annex_d protocol treshold

i think that the problem is with lmi settings but i settings all possible
if You can please help me

best regards
Piotr Salwerowicz