I've owned the Linksys wrt54g router for some time now, and have almost no
problems with it. However, (and forgive me if I'm writing the obvious), the
PPTP (and possibly others) passthru vpn support does not, repeat, does not
work. I have THE latest firmware (and every latest firmware Linksys has put
out, including the very firmware patch (something like. 2.04.03) which
claimed to fix 'pptp passthru' issues). It doesn't work. I've browsed the
web, and the communities seem to vaguely indicate this, and then suddenly
someone comes through and swears theirs does- with no explanations,
configuration suggestions etc., but with a dozen followups of other people
saying that theirs doesn't.

Linksys won't ADMIT that it doesn't work, so I'm merely fishing, does
anyone, anywhere have a non-hacked linksys wrt54g box which works on the vpn
passthrough and if so, what is your exact firmware revision, configuration,
operating system details on the server side (NT/XP
Home/pro/Linux/Unix/Osborne/Apple Talk/Token Ring/CPm/VMS- whatever)?

PS- Yes, my vpn on my XP pro box is set up correctly, it's been tested on
the lan side of the linksys, works like a haint. Also, my ISP doesn't block
anything (comcast) because other people on Comcast with other
firewall/routers than the Linksys can get theirs to work.