2 Days ago I got wifi internet installed, Dumping my dialup and satellite
download. Since I had just bought a router that I don't know how to use to
connect my wife's computer to mine and a wireless card for both computers,
the tech connected the wifi to my D-Link DI-524 router. No wireless card in
my computer.

He connected a cable from the wifi antenna to my router and the router to my
computer. At first it didn't work and he said I know what the problem is and
he typed away too fast for me to see accessing the router and up came the
internet. They left.
Everything was ok until I put in a new mother board and reset the router.
(don't ask).
Now I cant get it to work through the router.

I wrote down the static IP address, subnet address and default gateway,
preferred and alternate addresses.

If I type those into my local area connection tc/ip on the computer and plug
the wifi antenna into my computer (it uses the Ethernet port) I can get on
the internet.

I read the router manual and tried everything but cant get on the internet
through the router. I cant get in touch with the installer and tech support
doesn't do routers.

Can somebody help?

Thank you