On 17 Nov 2004 18:23:44 -0600, Fred <*email_address_deleted*> wrote:

>I just setup a network using a SMC Barricade 7004ABR router and a Creative
>external dialup modem. Everything works fine. The only bother is I have
>to log into the router configuration to dial the modem. I'd like to create
>a connection icon to dial the modem (like when the modem was connected to a
>com port) but XP Home won't let me find the modem behind the router. Is
>there a way around this?
>Thanks, Fred


I use a 7004ABR for dialup when my DSL is down. I have it setup to dial upon
demand ("Auto-reconnect"), and disconnect only with no inactivity. So I never
have to manually make it dial the modem. Try auto-reconnect.

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