I have just installed Suse 9.1 personal and I am trying to get my
printer working.
The computer is connected to the printer and the internet through a
network card and a Origo BRP1400 router with a printer server.
I can access the web with no problems but I cannot get it to print.
I have tried setting it up through YaST and tried the different network
options but I cannot get it to work - any ideas?
If I connect the printer directly to the PC via USB then it prints

My other two PC's run XP and can both print without any problems
although I had to set up a virtual printer port using the software that
cam with the router. Then configure the printer to print through this
virtual port.

The router is also now known as an Origo SBRU-10100
You can also find sales info at http://safecom.cn/code/ I actually
purchased it through www.Ebuyer.co.uk where they sell it under their
Ebuyer brand You can see info on it here

There is a support forum at http://adsltech.com/portal/forum/
I have seen a post there saying that there is no driver available for
the router. Can anyone confirm this

If I can't run the printer through the router what would be better
a print server connected to the router via RJ45 or a USB between the
router and the printer. With the Linux PC direct into the switch?