have set up a three wireless network using one WGR614v4 router, a PCI card
on PC1 (WinXPsp2), a WG111 USB Adaptor on anothet WinXPsp2 machine (PC2) and
another WG111 on a Win2000 machine (PC3). There is a local printer attached
to PC1.The printer can be used by PC1, PC2 and PC3 and all three machines
can linked to the Internet.

The All Users Shared folder and the other users Shared folders on each
machinehave been shared out. However the two XP machines can't see each
others shares and PC2 cannot see any shared folders on PC3 either. The
Win2000 machine (PC3) can see some shared folders of both PC1 but none of
PC2. PC1 can see PC3 folders.

I wonder whether the network setting are preventing this or there is a
firewall setting to change. All machines have the same workgroup name and
can be seen by each other in Network placesbut the shares above are missing.

Are you able to provide me with any pointers please?

Many thanks