I have ADSL in Denmark, and I just bought a 3Com OfficeConnect Cable/DSL
Gateway. Before this, my computer received an IP directly from my ISP, but
now I need to get more than one machine on the internet at the same time.
Anyway, on my computer, I run an FTP-server, which I transfer to through
FXP (Site to Site transfer). Before, when I didn't have my router, it
worked swell, but now when I've gotten myself a router, I get the
following message when I try to transfer with passive mode on:

RETR test.txt
426 Connection closed: No connection could be made because the target
machine actively refused it.

and the following when I try with no passive mode:

STOR test.txt
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for test.txt.
RETR test.txt
426 Connection closed: Connection timed out.

If I just try to upload to my FTP from another computer outside my
network, it works fine. The only time the problem occurs is when I use FXP.

I've tried with both G6/Bulletproff FTP and ioFTPD, both refuses to let me
transfer files, regardless of passive mode on or off, so I have to assume
it's something in the router. It should be noted, that I have enabled
FXP-mode in my FTP-servers, and that FXP works fine when I do not route my
connection through my router.

I have disabled the firewall in the router. I have set the "Redirect
request to Virtual DMZ host" to redirect everything to my internal IP on
the network. But it still keeps timing out.

Please help me, else it would be $40 wasted on a router.


/Emil J