If you're company is looking to carry a better product line besides what you
currently Purchase along with a much cheaper price to drop your overall
costs. I KNOW we can do it. Our prices aren't cheap because we have cheap
product, they're cheap because we're the direct #2 manufacture in the world
for Telco and Data supplies. Plus you won't be dealing with a middle man.
Not to mention our (30 Year) Life warranty we offer on everything TRT
manufactures. We've been supplying and manufacturing product for the Data,
Telco, and Security industries for over 18 years and are now in the process
of building a Distribution Channel and Reseller Channel in the United States
and Canada, That's where your company comes into play.
TRT is supported by a network of companies around the globe that specialize
in all aspects of networking and connectivity. As part of our on going
commitment to quality, TRT is registered as a company compliant with ISO
9002 standards and is a certified manufacturer of Fiber Optic, Cat 5/5E
Patch Cords and bulk cable, Cat 6 patch Cords and bulk cable/fiber, Patch
Panels, Data Jacks, & other data communications products. Not to mention
we're Allentel's leading manufactures and the main manufacturer for all of
Radio Shack and Ace Hardware's product line. I'm interested in seeing if you
would like to take on additional lines other then just the CATV supplies you
resell to increase your gross profit.

We pay special attention in providing reliable, high quality products. Our
products are tested, UL listed, and they all meet CUL and CE standards. If
you need a price quote on any of the items listed on our website please feel
free to contact me by phone or e-mail, I will beat any price you are getting
right now that you can show me, I want to get into good graces with your
company and establish a partnership like you have with your current
suppliers. In the mean time if you require any additional information or
would like to look into what TRT can do for you please contact me. I would
like to thank you for your time in listening to what I've had to say once
again. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Please click this link which will take you to our products page/line card,
http://www.trtinfo.com (online catalog)

5E-1KUTP CAT-5E Cable, 24AWG, UTP, 4 Pairs, Solid, 1000', Any Color, $40.00
per box (landed with Freight)

K5E-1KUTP-PLEN CAT-5E Cable, 24AWG, UTP, 4 Pairs, Solid, Plenum, 1000',Any
Color $120.00 per box (this is 120.F plenum not 70.F) (landed with Freight)

K6-1KUTP-PLEN CAT-6 Cable, 24AWG, UTP, 4 Pairs, Solid, Plemum, 1000', Any
Color $230.00 (PVC $65.00 per box) (landed with Freight)

KJ-5880-WH CAT-5E U-Jack, 8 Positions, 8 Conductors, All Colors, $1.25 each
(leviton series) add $.75 for Cat6

KJ-5881-WH CAT-5E H-Jack, 8 Positions, 8 Conductors, All Colors, $1.25 each
(allentele series) add $.75 for Cat6

WP-2100-WH Wall Plate, Blank to 6 port, White or Beige, $0.55 each

SM-3201 Universal Box Case w/Icon, 1-Port, White or Beige $0.45 each

PP-5120-BK, Cat5E patch panel, 12 ports, black BUY 3 Get 1 FREE $25.00 each

PP-5240-BK, Cat5E patch panel, 24 ports, black BUY 3 Get 1 FREE $45.00 each

PP-5480-BK, Cat5E patch panel, 48 ports, black BUY 3 Get 1 Free $75.00 each

Patch Cords, Please call pricing to cheap to list,