I am seeking any and all data I can find on Cetacean Networks Inc's SQ-1000
packet sequencer.

The company went kaput and I can find no info on google searches, and I am
about at my wits end in my search for info.. Any and all info would be
Here is the bit of info I have found for them.....its a data sheet.

Sequencing Specifications

Cetacean Sequencing Protocol

H.323 Video Conferencing

1. 64 kbps to 4 Mbps per conference

2. Video, voice, control and collaboration flows separately

VoIP Trunking

1. Configurable by codec (G.711, G.726, G.729, etc.)

2. Configurable for single or multiple call trunk groups

3. Voice activity (silence suppression)

IP Circuit Emulation Service (IPCES)

1. Synchronous, transparent, bit-serial transport-Constant Bit Rate

2. NxDS0 to 2.048 Mbps and Nx2.048

3. Nx2.048 Mbps to 10.24 Mbps

Configurable IP Flows by:


2. Protocol type or Diffserv Code Point (DSCP)

Encrypted flows supported for all applications


RFC 1812-Router Requirements

1. IP unicast and ICMP

2. TCP and UDP


4. SNMP with community strings and public MIBs

5. ARP; CIDR (Classless InterDomain Routing)

6. Access Lists, Dynamic Configuration, Static Routes, IP precedence

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

1. RFC 2328-OSPFv2 variable length subnet masks

2. RFC 2370-OSPF Opaque LSA option

3. RFC 1850-OSPFv2 Mgt Information Base (MIB)

Explicit Route Calculation

The SQ 1000 supports the following line modules:

16FE-16 Fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps) ports

8FE2GE-8 Fast Ethernet + 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports

8FE8OC3-16 Fast Ethernet + 8 OC-3 ports (4 single mode, 4 multi-mode)

8FE4RS530-8 Fast Ethernet + 4 RS-530 serial ports

8FE4DS3-8 Fast Ethernet + 4 DS-3 ports

4GE-4 Gigabit Ethernet ports