My netgear router won't allow me to access my WAN ip (ISP provided)
address from inside the LAN. I have a web server running on
and port forwarding set to forward HTTP traffic to that ip. Outside
access works fine but if I try to access the server (or FTP, etc) from
inside the LAN I am shown the router login prompt in which case I can
either log in to the router or cancel out which results in a 401
Unauthorized Your client does not have permission to get URL
/cgi-bin/check_hijack.html from this server. The url bar in firefox says:

obviously the latter part of that url is for the (located on) router but
why would be trying to get it from my server if I don't authenticate.
Further, even if I type in: (the address assigned by my ISP) it still does the
same thing?

Since outside access works as expected, I know the port forwarding is
really working... something seems hosed on the LAN side...

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