I use a 3com OfficeDirect ADSL router (WINXP Pro). It has the 'usual'
four LEDs (Power, Sync, Online, WLAN). The router has been working
perfectly for the past 3/4 years. When I shut the machine down in the
evening I leave the router powered and in the morning when I restart
the machine I can (could) connect immediately.

I have since moved my residence and have retained my ISP so the router
configuration remained unchanged. Now virtually every morning I need
to power down and re power the router as the 'online' LED is
extinguished although the other three LEDs remain on. After the
router is restarted all LEDs are lit and the machine connects normally
for the remainder of the day.

The ISP has checked the line and confirms there are no problems. Any
idea what is causing the problem?