The backstory:
I wan to upgrade my home network, which is pretty busy w/ wired and
wireless devices (desktops, laptops, TIVOs, etc). Currently I have only
802.11b capability but have *some* devices that can utilize G. I thought
to jump ahead of the curve and get a draft-N router with backward
capability, ands the addition of a USB port for network storage is
great. so...

I was looking at the Linksys WRT350N router. I'm partial to Linksys,
having had their routers for many, many years with no issues. the *big*
issue is performance in a mixed mode environment. I have no N class
NICs, just B and G and was wondering if:

1. performance will suck in a mixed environment (B&G devices, and later,
N) <- mega concern as I'm upgrading because my current network is
getting so darn slow with all the computers and devices I have at home
(I'm up to approx 4 wired and 7 wireless connections baseline, with the
# of wireless connections increasing when other folks come over and get
on my network)

3. Will "mixed mode" let me use B&G&N at the same time or just N&G?
Since I have so many B devices, I absolutely need to be able to use B.

3. this particular router is considered decent quality with the obvious
idea that I could flash as N gets closer to/actually certified.

Basically, I like the ability to use all type NICs, as well as thinking
that getting a draft-N will enable me to take advantage of N down the
road without having to buy a new router in a year or so.

Thanks ahead for any assistance...

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