We use a pfsense (www.pfsense.com) firewall.

Now say that I have three lan nics (in addition to wan) in this box.
Nic1 at, Nic2 at and Nic3 at,
both Nic1 and Nic3 with default rules as of wan access (Internet works

In addition, any traffic from either Nic1 or Nic3 to subnet should be routed via Nic2. Nic2 is connected to another
router with ip (Another port on that other router is
connected to the subnet which Ni1 and Nic3 need to
communicate with).

Do I use static routes or nat in this case? Traffic to the subnet from workstations connected to Nic1 and Nic3
should be routed via to find the net.

pfsense's static routes form contains the following fields:
destination network
subnet mask

Thanks a lot if someone can help me put in the right route here