When I turn on wireless functioning on my wireless router, all wired
and wireless disconnect every 30-60 seconds. I have a Linksys WRT54GX2
(that's the SRX200 one) wireless-G router. I have used it fine for
about 1 year. Then I started getting disconnecting issues. I reset all
the router settings to factory defaults. Updated firmware. Redid all
wiring ends (because at first I had some ends with incorrectly made.
And turned off wireless functionality. I got the wired network to work
fine. It has run fine for about a week now. Even with a blackout that
lasted 15 minutes the network was rebooted without losing

I just tried to enable the wireless functioning (in MIXED mode) and
then the disconnecting started again. I believe that the router is
simply resetting itself every 30-60 seconds because I see the lights
all reset. I have network and internet access during those 30-60
seconds and that it how I re-disabled the wireless functioning, but I
want to figure out if there is something that commonly causes this
issue or is it just a hardware problem?

Thanks in advanced.