I have a Buffalo AirStation G54 wireless G router at my office and
a Linksys WRT54G at home. I carry a laptop back and forth. At home
I set up my laptop to use DHCP with manually assigned IP address. The
router has the default IP address and I have it setup to
hand out addresses in the range - with DHCP,
and I have my laptop set to Everything works fine.

At work, the AirStation has default address but I changed
this to I then tried to setup an identical situation as to
home. However, for some reason it doesn't work. If I use DHCP with
manually assigned IP address, the laptop can't see the router and
doesn't get internet. When I use DHCP (without manually assigned
address), the router assigns my laptop an IP address in the subnet of
the WAN address from the ISP. So if the ISP assigns an address of, say,, my laptop might get This seems crazy to

Can anyone tell me what's going on? Why isn't this router creating a
private LAN for me?