Currently have a problem setting up my network the equipment is

Orange (Invertel) livebox wireless router/modem - this connects to
thenet fine and can connect to it from any computer its IP

I then have a Netgear WGPS606 wireless USB print server and 4
portswitch which bridges a connection from the livebox and this
itselfworks fine (I think) its IP is (The idea of this
was toconnect and ethernet print server to it so I can then print but
alsoto connect to another computer via ethernet cable).

I then have a D-link ethernet print server dp-301P+ (IP is connected to a HP Laserjet 5P printer this
prints fine whenconnected directly to a computer/laptop via ethernet
cable but I dontseem to be able to print when the D-Link is connected
via ethernetcable to the netgear server. I know this is confusing and
running an ethernet cable would be a fareasier situation or to buy a
USB printer but neither of these areoptions.

all are running XP

Think I am getting there but am struggling a little bit if anyone
could help me with the correct settiings.

Thanks in advance for any help