I am trying to build the rpm package for the first time and I am not completely clear with the spec file, the way it works and have couple of questions.

1. What do I need to put in the install section of the spec file?Can anyone explain me the use of it please.

2. Do we need a "make install" always? The way I install is run "./configure" and "make". This installs it for the current user. But now when I am making a rpm for this, Do I need to have an "make install" in my spec file or this will work?

3. By default if I am not including any of the files in %file sections, what all files are copied in my rpm package?

4. When we run the "rpm -i package_name.rpm" command what exactly happens. I mean does it look into the %install section of the spec file or somewhere else and as I am just using the make command not the make install, where does it install and copy my files?