I am trying to install WebSphere on a 64-bit red hat Linux. I downloaded WAS64-linux.6.0.27.tar into the /tmp/wasupdates directory and uncompressed it. Ran the App server install using prechecker, applied Refresh Pack 2 and was successful (verified versioninfo.sh which showed

I unzipped the 'download.updii.61017.linux.amd64.zip' in the same tmp folder as above, unzipped it which created the UpdateInstaller directory. Ran the ./install from that directory and ran fine. But the doc says that a folder would be created under WebSphere/ directory but nothing happened (donno if it matters but out file system has a path of /u01/datastage/ds/opt/IBM/WebSphere/). No error as well. I do not see any update.sh file under the WebSphere/UpdateInstaller directory.

Could you please let me know what is the error?