Hi to All,

I have installed on my server Redhat Enterprise Linux 5,4 and a Multi I/O RS232 8 ports.

This card use Oxford Semiconductor Ltd OX16PCI954 (Quad 16950 UART) .
From Internet I have founded a patch in order to configure and use this Multi I/O; the readme suggest the steps:

1. Copy the patch file:
cp linux_2.6_8250_pci_patch /usr/src/{redhat,OpenLinux,turbo,packages,rpm ..}/drivers/serial

2. Cd to the RPM path:
cd /usr/src/{redhat,OpenLinux,turbo,packages,rpm ..}/drivers/serial

3. Update the driver code:
patch -b (then the file in the directory will be updated, and also the original file will be copied as 8250_pci.c.orig)

At last:

4. And then build the Kernel.

How do I build the kernel ? Someone could help me with the last step (4) ?

Thank You and Best Regards.