I am new to any Forums. I tried doing a search for the above but search complained that D240 was too common.

We are trying to get SAN connectivity from a RedHat 4.6 server to customers StorageTek D240. We have requested the multipath.conf template for such a connection from the customer who will try to get it from SUN. But it may take awhile.

However i thought i would try here.

1) Does anyone have info for the multipath template we can put in our multipath.conf for such a product?

If not, our multipath.conf.defaults file has an entry for the StorageTek D280.
2) If we wanted to try using that would we just copy that entry to the multipath.conf file and rename the product line in the template to be "OPENstorage D240" instead of "OPENstorage D280", which is what it has now. That is does the mapper software look at this field in the multipath.conf to match what is in the /sys/block/sda/device/model file ... for example.