I did something very clever to improve my configuration of Fedora 9. To make
a long story short I had to reinstall.

After that I followed my usual good advice and before going to bed executed

yum -y update

It failed completely. I tried upgrading some packages that I use most often
and about half of them failed. In all the failures missing dependencies was
one of the reasons for failure and yum threatened to delete lots of things it
found unused.

Best I can figure is this is a consequence of Redhat's repository problems.
Before the reinstall I had kept current and when the new repository appeared
it continued from the previous updates. I guess the problem is all the
intervening updates from the initial release did not make it to the new

The advice is, when Fedora 10 comes out later this month, 25th it appears,
destroy F9 installation disks as they is no longer of any value for new
installs or reinstalls. Or give them to your worst enemy if that is your

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